Break the Chains of Poverty

Uncategorized Apr 08, 2020

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine invited me to attend a University of Cincinnati football game against 15th ranked University of Central Florida.  The game was on ESPN and the atmosphere had tremendous buzz.  A parachutist held a large American flag all the way down to his landing on the field immediately after the singing of the national anthem.   This added to the feverish buzz and applause of 35,000+ fans in attendance. 

Less than 30 minutes into the game I was introduced to one of the pre-game parachutists and he asked me what I did for a living.  He broke into a big smile after telling him I teach younger generations to do money differently including how to invest.   He shared that he meets with a few inner city teenagers once a week to teach them how to save and invest.   I returned a big smile.

He firmly believes that teaching saving and investing to the marginalized will reduce poverty across this country.  I couldn't agree more.


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