Financial Literacy month, does it work?

April is finally here with warm weather, sunshine, spring, and Financial Literacy Month! Raise your hand if you're celebrating

However, for the last twenty years financial behavior has not changed for the better among young people. In fact, it's worse.

  • More consumer debt
  • More student loan debt
  • Little to no investing
  • Increase in financial stress


What can we do?

Stop talking about it and do something about it!

If you are someone that is having financial troubles or if you know someone that is having troubles, take our Do Money Differently course and see the difference it can make!

Let’s start talking about it in the right way.

As humans, we're wired to be SUCCESSFUL at something. So, let's change the month of April to Financial SUCCESS Month.


At Young Money University, we believe traditional financial literacy is mediocre at best.  So we want to give you confidence to start investing in YOURSELF with learning how to do money differently. 

Reduce your financial stress so you can sleep well at night knowing that you have an easy-to-follow financial success plan.

We'd love to help you, or your organization begin to teach money differently the Young Money University way. 

Check out our new online courses DO MONEY DIFFERENTLY and INVESTING MADE EASY.

Remember, you have what it takes to begin living a life that fits your dreams

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