Giving Money Creates More Happiness

giving happiness Nov 08, 2021

I happened to read an article in the American Airlines magazine recently while traveling titled "How to Tap Into More Happiness". It talked about how giving money to those in need transforms a negative, depressed and sad mood into a positive and joyful mood. The article went on to say that giving and serving others is an immediate antidote when we're feeling the blues. I couldn't agree more.

Step 5 of the YMU financial success plan is called GIVE MONEY DIFFERENTLY. It's based on setting up a named savings account called Giving where you automatically transfer a certain dollar amount each month from your checking account to your Giving account.

After money accumulates for 6-12 months, find a person you know or maybe someone you've read about in the local news who has been dealt a tough life hand and is in real financial need. Take what you've saved in your Giving account and hand it to them. Or mail them a check or send via Venmo or Paypal. Tell them you've been saving money in a Giving account just for this future purpose.

Giving a few dollars or a larger gift to someone in need will get you out of your head. Trust me, being in my own head is not a good place for me. I'm guessing it's the same thing for you.

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