Real Change from the Young Money U Tour

Uncategorized Apr 22, 2020

I've been asked by many the last few weeks how the Young Money University fall 2019 speaking tour has been going.   My answer is "fantastic and maybe the best ever".   

Can't believe I've presented on 700+ campuses in 42 states over the last ten years. 

We continue to be grateful for the tour sponsorship from Mountain America Credit Union  in the states of AZ, ID and UT.  Mountain America  has an aligned mission with our company and wonderful leadership top to bottom.  I'm a big fan of credit unions. 

Watch the short video with Johnny.  He's a mid 20's grad student at BYU who's heard me speak five times (yes five) over the last couple of years.  

He's one of many taking action on the simple yet powerful 5 steps to financial success platform that I speak from. 

With the holiday season and 2020 around the corner we'd love to help you do money differently and have a new belief about your future.   

Be sure to check out our flagship online courses DO MONEY DIFFERENTLY and INVESTING MADE EASY to help you reduce money stress and reach personal goals and dreams next year and beyond.  

You got this!



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