Spend Your Money Differently

financial literacy Mar 09, 2021

Step 3 of my 5 step plan to Do Money Differently focuses on how to spend your money differently. So many people hate the word “budget”. So, do yourself a mental favor and call it your “monthly spending plan”. Sounds much better right?


Now you will create a monthly spending plan that is zero based. This will give you the control you ultimately desire over your money. 


As an example, let’s say your net monthly income is $2,500 per month. Before each month starts you will assign each dollar of your monthly income to a fixed or what you value expense.  These are the only two expense categories you will have going forward.   


Fixed expenses will include your rent/mortgage, utilities, grocery, cell phone, car payment, car insurance, renters insurance, student loans, subscriptions (Ie...Netflix, Hulu), gym membership, etc. 


What you value expenses might include eating out, a new hobby like photography, investments, clothing savings account, travel savings account, new car savings account, etc.


The key is to take your monthly income and assign it to these two categories of expenses until you get to ZERO. So all $2,500 will be accounted for before the first of each month.  This will take about 60-90 days until you get comfortable and in a groove with how you do your financial life each month.


Ultimately you will have less stress and more control over your money. That will feel really good.


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Remember, you have what it takes to do money differently and live a life that fits your dreams.




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