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Investing Made Easy

Welcome to Young Money University’s Investing Made Easy Course!

Investing seems like a foreign language. You could probably fly to the moon with how
complicated and science-y your stock app looks. To someone just starting out, nothing
about the stock market seems even a little certain or inviting!

That’s why we created the Investing Made Easy Course so you can:

  1. Reduce fear about investing
  2. Automate your investing to create wealth
  3. Get excited about reaching your goals and dreams
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Cincinnati, OH

I wanted to know more about investing but could not find the best way to go about it. Investing Made Easy gave me exactly what I was looking for and now I've opened up my first investment account. Thank you Todd!


Chicago, IL

I've been sitting on $1,500 knowing my bank's interest rate was not going to do anything for me. Investing Made Easy showed me exactly how and where to open up my investment account. My fear of investing is gone thanks to Todd's short and to the point videos in this course.


San Francisco, CA

Todd said the small cost for Investing Made Easy will end up returning 1000x more down the road for me and my family. The ROI is going to be way beyond that. 
What a simple yet powerful course on finally understanding investing and creating wealth.