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  • The Money System course
  • Investing Made Easy course
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Millennials and Gen Z are experiencing significant financial stress and not being taught how to properly manage their money.

At Young Money University, we know what it's like to have little $$ in your bank account and to live paycheck to paycheck. That's why speaker, author, coach and founder of YMU Todd Romer, created a financial success program where you'll learn

  1. How to reduce financial stress
  2. How to ACTUALLY manage your $$$
  3. Live a life that fits your dreams

Investing seems like a foreign language. You could probably fly to the moon with how
complicated and science-y your stock app looks. To someone just starting out, nothing
about the stock market seems even a little certain or inviting!

That’s why we created the Investing Made Easy Course so you can:

  1. Reduce fear about investing
  2. Automate your investing to create wealth
  3. Get excited about reaching your goals and dreams
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