No Excuses Not to Invest NOW

investing Aug 16, 2021

Several weeks ago it was mentioned in the news that Acorns is going public sometime this fall. Meaning that the micro investing app that is used by nearly 10 million people (including me, my wife and three sons) is going to be a tradeable stock on the Nasdaq stock exchange.   

I'm super excited about this because I had the chance to meet the founders (Jeff and Walter Cruttenden) a few years back when they were just launching the business. I told them that Acorns is going to impact the lives of the regular person and their families for decades regardless of their economic background. Today that projection has come true.

No more having to believe the myth that you have to be wealthy to start investing. You can create an Acorns account  with as little as $5, $25, $50 or $100. In fact, we just entered into an exciting partnership with Acorns

You can now open an account through this special link HERE and they will fund your new investment account with $25. That's awesome! Get on the wealth creation train and begin your investing journey. You'll never regret it.

Remember, you have what it takes to live a life that fits your dreams.

- Todd


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