Diversify Your Investments for Maximum Payout

There’s more to investing than just the stock market. In fact, diversifying your interests is the best policy to help combat market volatility! 

Here are three other markets you should look into:

  1. Real Estate

Investing in real estate is one of your safest bets. Properties offer a great long-term security option. Plus, there are multiple ways to invest. The most commonly known is just buying a property, whether you’ll keep it as a vacation home, rent it, or flip the fixer upper. But there are other options, too.

Don’t want to deal with property management? No problem! You can invest in REITs, or Real Estate Investment Trusts. It’s easy, you can still earn passive income from dividends, and you don’t have to worry about maintenance or managing renters.

  1. Gold and Silver 

Like all investments, gold and silver do carry some risks. But their market fluctuations tend to be spread out over years, rather than changing overnight. And typically,...

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Steps to Get Comfortable with Market Fluctuations

One of the most common reasons people give as an excuse to not invest is fear of market fluctuations. And that is a valid fear. No one wants to lose money. But, as Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “The only constant is change.” 

It’s the same with investments. While “market volatility” sounds intimidating, it really just means the market can move up and down, so don’t get caught up in the crazy up- and down-swings! Historically, everytime the market goes down it’s followed by an upswing.

So here are some steps you can follow when the numbers start to seem scary: 

  • Take a deep breath.
    The first step to battle fear is to combat it with knowledge, and you already have that part down! You know that the market will go up and down, so when you hear something that makes you anxious, try to ground yourself with some deep breathing, take a walk outside, and make your favorite snack or comfort food.
  • Hit ‘Pause’ on emotional...
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The Difference Between ETFs and Mutual Funds

To reach financial freedom, a common hurdle is understanding financial and investing terminology. The language is odd and the concepts complex, making people doubt their abilities. In reality, this challenge is a manageable one; and with help from Young Money University, it can be a hurdle you can step over with ease!

To get started, we’ll cover two important terms to understand related to investing: Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds. Both are forms of pooled investing, giving investors the opportunity to build a diversified investing portfolio. As a result, both types of funds will have a large number of assets within their specific fund. 

We’ll provide you with more in-depth definitions and key attributes of each kind of fund and highlight their key difference, providing you with the information necessary to determine which is best for you and your investment goals. 

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) 

An exchange-traded fund is a type of pooled...

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$25 Bonus from Acorns and Free Young Money book

acorns book investing Mar 15, 2022


We're blown away that a large number of young people have answered the call from our YMU winter/spring 2022 financial success speaking tour.

They're opening up their first investment account!

College students of all ages and economic backgrounds are deciding to take action to create real wealth over time to reach their goals and dreams, and the fear they once had about investing has been overcome by realizing it only takes five minutes to set up their account!

Well, we want to keep the momentum going and help hundreds of more people like you open up their investment account too.


So here's what we're doing.

If you open up an Acorns investment account through this special YMU/Acorns link you will receive a $25 bonus from Acorns.

And, as another bonus, we're going to send you the YOUNG MONEY e-book too if you open up your Acorns account by this Saturday March 19.

After signing up...

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Don't Do a New Year's Resolution

investing Dec 27, 2021

The number one and number two New Year's resolutions for most people is to get in better physical and/or financial shape. And decades of research continue to show that after 30 days over 80% of those resolutions do not continue.

Instead of resolving to do something. Just take ACTION regardless of the day of the year. I'd like you to take action on Doing Money Differently now regardless of the date of the year.

All it takes for you to decide to get into better financial shape is to create your personal WHY. Why do you ULTIMATELY want to be financially successful?

Your why will move you to take action on saving, spending, investing and giving money differently.

Check out our Do Money Differently course here to help you begin 2022 in a very exciting way.


- Todd


P.S. Don't forget you can receive a $25 bonus by opening up a new investment account with Acorns here.

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The Robinhood Effect

investing Dec 20, 2021

Let's face it, a large percentage of young people today are thinking riches can come fast through "investing" in the right stock or crypto.

And to some degree they have been right when they see certain meme stocks and cryptos go nuts over the last year or two. Robinhood, with its commission free trades, has become amazingly popular among 18-29 year olds. Super easy to set up an account.

But here's my caution. While I like the democratization of the financial markets for anyone to begin investing, you have to look at investing versus gambling.

Gambling is simply buying a stock for a short period of time hoping it will go up fast. And Robinhood can give you this ease of entry and kind of a gambling thrill.

But always keep in mind that to create wealth over time, let time do the heavy lifting through automated monthly investing in a group of stocks in a mutual fund or ETF.

That's why I like platforms like Acorns to begin investing ASAP. Click here to receive...

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Even 14 Year Old Preston Gets It

acorns investing Aug 23, 2021

I've been a mentor to a 14 year old boy named Preston here in Cincinnati for over four years. We've had a lot of fun going to a Reds baseball game, bowling (I'm terrible btw), golf, basketball and many meals at his favorite place, Chick-Fil-A. He's a super smart kid who watches a ton of informative Youtube and TikTok videos on various subject matters.

One month ago he said to me, "Hey I'm starting to earn money and I want to start investing. Can you show me how?" I told Preston that its super simple but to not expect to be a millionaire next month. He laughed and said "I know".

I helped his Mom open up an Acorns account and told him that he could have a custodian account under his Mom's account because he's not 18 yet. He said "sweet, let's go". You see, even a 14 year old knows that investing at a young age will set anyone up financially for decades to come.

I hope you want to do the same thing as Preston and open up your own investment account. It does not matter how old...

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No Excuses Not to Invest NOW

investing Aug 16, 2021

Several weeks ago it was mentioned in the news that Acorns is going public sometime this fall. Meaning that the micro investing app that is used by nearly 10 million people (including me, my wife and three sons) is going to be a tradeable stock on the Nasdaq stock exchange.   

I'm super excited about this because I had the chance to meet the founders (Jeff and Walter Cruttenden) a few years back when they were just launching the business. I told them that Acorns is going to impact the lives of the regular person and their families for decades regardless of their economic background. Today that projection has come true.

No more having to believe the myth that you have to be wealthy to start investing. You can create an Acorns account  with as little as $5, $25, $50 or $100. In fact, we just entered into an exciting partnership with Acorns

You can now open an account through this special link HERE and they will fund...

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The Wealth Gap is an Investing Education Gap

investing Mar 18, 2021

The only thing that separates those who get to where they want to go down the road in life is those who invest and those who don’t. Period.


I continue to pound the table on my speaking tour that investing education can lift younger generations out of poverty no matter one’s economic, cultural or racial background.  It’s the absolute game changer to help people obtain a better life in the future and their kids future. 


It should bother anyone reading this post that schools do not focus on investing education as part of a mandatory education curriculum.   


Over 20 years ago you had to have $1,000 to open up an investment account such as a mutual fund with any investment services firm. That perpetuated the truth (but now the myth) that investing is only for the rich. 


Today, all you need is a penny with investing platforms like Acorns, Betterment or Robinhood.  The future is yours if you open up your first...

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Should I Invest in Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies?

investing Feb 23, 2021

Three years ago I was neutral on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. I did not know enough about cryptocurrencies to explore its potential. Frankly, I was ignorant and ignorance lays the groundwork to inaction in regard to opportunities.  


Since then I’ve done a 180 on Bitcoin and other solid cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. While I don’t give specific investment advice I would highly recommend you begin to educate yourself on blockchain technology, decentralized finance, Bitcoin and Ethereum. You’ll come to find that blockchain has the potential to be a massive game changer in the area of financial services and a whole lot more across our global economy.


I will always be a stock investor as the stock market has been giving investors great returns annually for well over a century. And I don’t ever see that changing. However, you’ll come to find that putting up to 5% of your investment dollars in non stock related investments like...

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