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The Wealth Gap is an Investing Education Gap

investing Mar 18, 2021

The only thing that separates those who get to where they want to go down the road in life is those who invest and those who don’t. Period.


I continue to pound the table on my speaking tour that investing education can lift younger generations out of poverty no matter one’s economic, cultural or racial background.  It’s the absolute game changer to help people obtain a better life in the future and their kids future. 


It should bother anyone reading this post that schools do not focus on investing education as part of a mandatory education curriculum.   


Over 20 years ago you had to have $1,000 to open up an investment account such as a mutual fund with any investment services firm. That perpetuated the truth (but now the myth) that investing is only for the rich. 


Today, all you need is a penny with investing platforms like Acorns, Betterment or Robinhood.  The future is yours if you open up your first...

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Should I Invest in Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies?

investing Feb 23, 2021

Three years ago I was neutral on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. I did not know enough about cryptocurrencies to explore its potential. Frankly, I was ignorant and ignorance lays the groundwork to inaction in regard to opportunities.  


Since then I’ve done a 180 on Bitcoin and other solid cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. While I don’t give specific investment advice I would highly recommend you begin to educate yourself on blockchain technology, decentralized finance, Bitcoin and Ethereum. You’ll come to find that blockchain has the potential to be a massive game changer in the area of financial services and a whole lot more across our global economy.


I will always be a stock investor as the stock market has been giving investors great returns annually for well over a century. And I don’t ever see that changing. However, you’ll come to find that putting up to 5% of your investment dollars in non stock related investments like...

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