Acorns Investing Platform: A Game and Life Changer

acorns investing Jan 15, 2020

You have to love game-changing technologies and ideas (ie..Uber, Lyft, AirBnB, Venmo, etc.) that can turn an industry upside down or just make one’s life more simple. One such game changer is the Acorns investing app. This relatively new micro investing platform enables you to begin investing with spare change to create wealth over time. Yes, spare change!

By simply attaching your debit or credit card to the Acorns investing app, any purchase you make on coffee or on Amazon will be rounded up to the next whole dollar. Your “round-up change” will be invested automatically for you into one of five investment portfolios. These portfolios are managed by a few of the top investment management companies in the U.S. And you can make additional automatic recurring investments every week or month as well. Just like I have been teaching for years. How cool is that?

So many millennials want to invest and know they should invest, but are afraid to do so because of the lack of...

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