Ditch your bank account called "Savings"

Yes, I recommend that you ditch your bank account called "savings". Sounds so strange right? You, me and millions of Americans were taught to have a "savings account" while growing up.

Here's the problem with it. Having an account called "savings" will keep your financial stress brewing for weeks, months and years to come because you're not telling your money what to do. 

Start creating multiple named savings accounts for your needs and wants for three years or less. Some examples could be:

  • Clothes and shoes savings account
  • Travel savings account
  • Car repair savings account
  • New car down payment savings account
  • Home down payment savings account

Transfer a dollar amount automatically each month into each of your new named savings. You will be elated in a few months to see these accounts grow through automation. And when your car needs a repair you'll be super happy that you begin saving money this way.

Say goodbye to your account just called "savings".

We'd love to help you...

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Are You Enough?

do money differently Mar 22, 2022

The path to achieving a life of more purpose, meaning and financial success first begins with a question.


Are you enough?


Are you enough refers to having what it takes or being smart enough to reach goals and dreams. 

The answer is emphatically YES. You are more than enough.

It does not matter how you grew up, where you lived or how poorly your parents managed money. It does not matter how smart you are or how many stupid money mistakes you've made in the past.

To achieve long term financial success and a life of more purpose simply requires a new mindset. 

Once you believe you are enough the game is all but over.

From there it's about automating your financial life by learning how to save, spend and invest money differently.

And we'd love to help you do just that.


Check out our new Do Money Differently online course here. We'd love to prove to you that you are more than enough. 



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Cali's email brought a tear to my eye

do money differently Oct 11, 2021

I was having a proverbial "bad day" two weeks ago. Then along came an email from a young woman named Cali who read my book YOUNG MONEY

She said it was required reading for her family finance class at Utah State University. I've been humbled to receive many kind emails over the years from people who felt my book, coaching or speaking tour presentation made an impact on them. Cali courageously told me she thought she would just follow in her parents footsteps of financial struggle.   

She thought, like thousands of others, that financial success would come from those who simply were smarter than her. But she realized those were just fat lies after reading my book. She said her life was changed. I dropped a tear on my laptop keyboard after hearing her say she has already completed four of the five steps. Wait what? That fast? You see, Cali simply wants it bad and she took action ASAP. 

Financial success and a life of more purpose will come to you if you...

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