The Wealth Gap Can Be Closed

wealth gap Nov 01, 2021

Lots of talk these days about the haves and have nots. Especially as reports surfaced that showed the rich got richer during the pandemic. It's a touchy area for some to contemplate and discuss.

I have no problem expressing what I think part of the solution should be to close the wealth gap. TEACH MONEY and FINANCIAL SUCCESS DIFFERENTLY. Let's face it. Traditional financial education is not working. It's boring. It feels like work. It covers just get by philosophies with a big focus on your personal credit score. It's antiquated and does little to change financial behavior. Nearly 70% of Americans are still living paycheck to paycheck.

We need to focus on investment education. How starting to invest at a young age (even with $10/month) can lead to new behaviors with how you spend money. You see, its possible because I've seen it starting to happen.

At YMU, we don't care what economic background you come from. Are you willing to listen and be teachable? That's all it...

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