$25 Bonus from Acorns and Free Young Money book

acorns book investing Mar 15, 2022


We're blown away that a large number of young people have answered the call from our YMU winter/spring 2022 financial success speaking tour.

They're opening up their first investment account!

College students of all ages and economic backgrounds are deciding to take action to create real wealth over time to reach their goals and dreams, and the fear they once had about investing has been overcome by realizing it only takes five minutes to set up their account!

Well, we want to keep the momentum going and help hundreds of more people like you open up their investment account too.


So here's what we're doing.

If you open up an Acorns investment account through this special YMU/Acorns link you will receive a $25 bonus from Acorns.

And, as another bonus, we're going to send you the YOUNG MONEY e-book too if you open up your Acorns account by this Saturday March 19.

After signing up...

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My Selfish Message to you :)

book Jan 10, 2022

So yes this is kind of a selfish message but actually it's more about you than me.

It's been a while since I looked at some of my recent reviews on Amazon for my new updated book YOUNG MONEY. And wow, I was thrilled and humbled to read a few including:


Brent B. who said - "Straightforward and solid"

Jeremy K. who said - "Very powerful book"

Joseph J. who said - "Every high school and college student should read this book"

M. Tayler who said - "Took the uncertainty and fear out of finance"

Feven B. who said - "Simple but seriously impactful"


I'm thankful for those who write these reviews because it shows YOUNG MONEY has made a difference. And I'd love it if the book made a difference in your life or the lives of those you care about too.

Check out the book on Amazon here. I believe it will be one of the best ways to start the new year.

Remember, you have what it takes to Do Money Differently and live a life that...

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