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A New Way to Look at FEAR

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2020

In this week's video post I share my thoughts on how to overcome a lot of unfounded fear in our lives.

What does overcoming fear have to do with financial success and living a life that fits your dreams? EVERYTHING!

Take a listen and see if this resonates with you.

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All about helping you DO MONEY DIFFERENTLY.

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Financial Success is a Choice

Uncategorized Feb 12, 2020

It continues to be a great privilege to teach and coach thousands of millennials the fundamental components to achieving financial success over time. Near the end of my presentation, when I see my 5 Step Plan really sinking in, I then ask the audience this question: “Now, what is the only thing that can get in the way of you achieving long term financial success ?” The answer I hear is a resounding “ME”.

It can be natural and tempting sometimes to believe that external elements like the economy, the economic condition of your parents, the job market, your perceived intelligence, etc determine your financial future. But none of those circumstances or perceptions have anything to do with achieving long term success with money.

Financial success is a choice. It’s your choice. And it starts with being willing to reprogram your mind to start thinking about and seeing money differently. For nearly all millennials you have a great opportunity to put the brakes...

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The Raw Formula to Financial Success – Keep and Grow More of What You Earn

In 1996, Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko authored the book Millionaire Next Door. The title evoked much interest as it shared common behaviors of the wealthy that surprised many people. Through their research, they found most millionaires are not living in huge homes, driving super fancy cars or wearing $5,000 watches.

Rather, many millionaires live in modest homes, drive mid-priced cars and take simple steps to keep and grow more of the money they earn rather than focus on spending.


Keep and Grow Your Money

It’s no wonder when I speak that many older adults will come up to me afterward and say, “If I could go back in time to my 20’s I would do money so differently.” They tell me about their wish to have spent less money and saved and invested more. I get this same story everywhere I go.

The great news now is that you can achieve long term financial success by switching your focus to keeping and growing more of what you earn. It requires a...

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Acorns Investing Platform: A Game and Life Changer

acorns investing Jan 15, 2020

You have to love game-changing technologies and ideas (ie..Uber, Lyft, AirBnB, Venmo, etc.) that can turn an industry upside down or just make one’s life more simple. One such game changer is the Acorns investing app. This relatively new micro investing platform enables you to begin investing with spare change to create wealth over time. Yes, spare change!

By simply attaching your debit or credit card to the Acorns investing app, any purchase you make on coffee or on Amazon will be rounded up to the next whole dollar. Your “round-up change” will be invested automatically for you into one of five investment portfolios. These portfolios are managed by a few of the top investment management companies in the U.S. And you can make additional automatic recurring investments every week or month as well. Just like I have been teaching for years. How cool is that?

So many millennials want to invest and know they should invest, but are afraid to do so because of the lack of...

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Traditional Financial Literacy Stinks!

financial literacy Jan 01, 2020

The term “financial literacy” slowly came on to the scene about 15 years ago. Before that there was little discussion about the need for financial literacy for today’s youth, millennials or the general population at large. Man, have things changed.

Since that time there’s been billions of dollars spent on financial literacy efforts by non-profits, financial institutions and government entities. All well-intended but with little change in financial behavior.


The ROI is not there because traditional financial literacy is missing the mark big time.

Traditional financial literacy is boring. The two words “financial literacy” are two words that should never go together. It sounds like and is education. There’s a big emphasis on credit scores, APR’s (annual percentage rates), budgeting and how to be a good spender. Today’s financial literacy is a cause for yawning, leaving a workshop early or not showing up at all.


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